Discipline: Visual design

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    Vaporizers are modern-day gadgets for easy people. For Vaposhop, I created the visual design for an improved web shop with a fresh identity.

  2. Homepage 2 revisie 2019-07-10


    Schulinck provides Dutch municipalities with information about legislation. Their website is a primary sales channel.

  3. Iris Kensmil - Home - Desktop

    Iris Kensmil

    This portfolio website for Iris Kensmil is an index of her work, exhibitions, reviews and publications.

  4. Woonbron jaarverslag 2013 - Intro - desktop


    A teaser one page responsive website for the annual report of Woonbron: a large housing corporation from the Netherlands.

  5. Pakhuis Hollandia - Home - desktop

    Pakhuis Hollandia

    Digital brochure for an old Zaanstreek rice mill turned into creative office space.

  6. Albert van Veenendaal - Home - desktop

    Albert van Veenendaal

    Albert van Veenendaal is a piano player/composer that specializes in improvised music and prepared piano.

  7. Kentalis - Home Professionals - desktop


    A new website for a merger of three organisations with special expertise.

  8. BAM Techniek - Home - desktop

    BAM Techniek

    A thematic website for a large building company signifying their brand values.

  9. Karnatic Lab Records - CD’s - desktop

    Karnatic Lab Records

    Webshop for an Amsterdam platform and record label in modern jazz.

  10. Het Veem Theater - homepage - desktop

    Het Veem Theater

    A digital theatre schedule in a text-driven, clean and uncluttered interface.